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Mango Mission 2009 was initiated with the intention to help the mango farmers in getting high production and better quality from the existing trees.
Project Head : Pro.Anagha K.Mandvakar
Project Officer : Mr.Chetan J.Thakur
In the year 2009 the research team selected 271 Mango trees for the project. The Project team studied the trees and devised a strategy for improving the health and productivity of the trees. Appropriate quantity of manure and a mix of micro nutrients, insecticides and pesticides were administered on trees. As a result a significant increase in the productivity and quality of Mango fruit and health of the Mango tree was achieved. These results inspired the project team to cover more 190 trees in 2010
Mango Orchard
Project name Mango
Botanical Name Mangifera indica
Plot no.
Plantation Year
1990 1990 1990
Distance between two plants
7 x 7m 7 x 7m 7 x 7m
No. Of plants
271 113 177
Roots and Tubers Cinnamon Rice and Vegetables
Varieties in UKSS region Alphanso, Rajapuri, Langada, Totapuri…etc.
Krishi Ani Paryavaran Janjagran Mohim (Environmental Awareness Campaign)
Krishi Ani Paryavaran Janjagran Mohim launched in the year 2011 is an Environmental Awareness & Farmers Outreach Campaign aimed at targeting farmers and youth of India to improve their perspective towards Environment and Agricultural and Allied Sector.
Today the World is facing severe problem of depletion of Natural Resources. The effects of Global Warming, lack of rainfall, shortage of water, lack of nutritional food is seen everywhere.
India has 60-70% of population having primary source of income from agricultural produce. But in the current scenario, India imports significant quantity of agricultural produce like food grains and vegetables from other countries. This leads to Balance of Payments Crisis for the country. A high growth rate in the Agricultural Sector and Agro based industry will fuel positive GDP growth of India.
UKSS has identified that reaching out to farmers and youth with the purpose of educating them about the above two factors will lead to betterment of the society. Parallely it is important to educate the youth especially in age group of 12 years to 18 years about conservation of natural resources like trees, soil & water resources.
In the past 5 months since this program has been launched, UKSS has successfully reached out to more than 2000 students in various schools of Thane District under the program “Krishi Ani Paryavaran Janjagran Mohim”. Through this program the school’s students were made aware of the Hazards of Global warming. They are informed about the benefits of scientific agriculture and how it will improve their standard of living and in turn the Balance of Payments situation of India. They were explained that their role is very significant in making India a Global Economic Superpower.
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