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Other Plantation
Other than Fruits and Spices we also have the following varities of Forest Trees, Flower Trees & Medicinal Plants in UKSS.
Tulsi ,lemon grass, Teak, Palm, Aen, Kinjal, Arjun, Casurina, Jamun, Palas, Bamboo, Wad, Ashoka, Silver Oak, Babhul, Acassia, Kadamb, Shankasur, Umbar ,Jasmin(Mogra), Hibiscus(Jaswand), Rose, Meri-gold(Zendu), Duranta, Exora, Anthurium, Pillia, Acalipha, Croton and Bougan-vel, etc .
Approximately 10,000 plants are available in the area of UKSS.
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