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Fruit Plantations
UKSS has different varieties of Fruit Plantations such as Mango, Banana, Coconut, Cashew nut, Tad-Palm, Awala, Jackfruit, Areca-nut (Supari), Kokam, Pineapple, Pappaya, Tamarind.
Mango is the king of Fruits and UKSS boosts of more than 1050 mango trees of different varieties. Through constant experiments over the years we have developed superior quality and taste of Mangoes. The results of these experiments are shared with farmers and benefited to society.
Banana Plantation is also a success story of UKSS. Being one of the most common plants in Maharashtra, students get a good exposure on banana plantation.
Coconut is one of the common plants in Coastal Maharashtra and in UKSS we have grown Coconut on Salty Land by construction of check dams thereby increasing the sweet water content in the soil. Over the last few years the Coconut size and taste, quantity and quality of water has improved.
Other than these, students are also given exposure to Sowing to harvesting the remaining types of fruit plantations. Significant changes in the productivity of these plants are achieved by UKSS through different experiments conducted time to time.
The number of trees is as below.
Fruit Plantations
Sr.No. Main Tree Variety No. of Trees
1. Mango Alphanso, Keshar, Payari, Langda, Raywal, Rajapuri, Mosambi etc. 1050
2. Coconut Banawli, T x D, Singapuri 450
3. Cashew-nut Vengurla1, 2 & 4 300
4. Tad-Palm Local 145
5. Tamarind Local 25
6. Awala Narendra and Local 10
7. Jackfruit(Phanas) Local 25
8. Areca-nut (Supari) Shreevardhan & Mangala 350
9. Banana a) Safed Velchi,
b) Tissue culture
10. Kokam Local 50
11. Pappaya Local 25
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