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Post harvest Technology
After harvest, foods (e.g. fruits, vegetables, milk, meat, fish,) are liable to accelerated physiological, chemical, and microbial processes that invariably lead to deterioration and loss of wholesomeness. It is then necessary to institute some measure of processing such as reduction in moisture content, denaturizing of endogenous enzymes and microorganisms, or packaging in order to curtail perish ability. In the absence of such processing, massive post harvest losses can ensue. It is the responsibility of the food scientist or technologist to understand the underlying processes contributing to food deterioration and spoilage and, to device appropriate measures and methods of preservation in order to ensure availability, acceptability, and safety of foods. Farmers need not sell their produce immediately within perishable time zone at meager rates if they are aware of post harvest technology. For eg: Mirchi , Mango, lemon etc can be used for pickles, Amla candy, chinch golas etc can be made and stored and then sold at higher price.
Details of Amla candy : Click Here,
Chinch Gola
Harvesting Cinnamon
The bark of cinnamon removed from stem and it’s called as Dalchini in Marathi. When the seedlings attain the age of about two years and when the bark is brown in colour the main shoot is coppiced or cut back to a height of about 6 cm from ground level. This is repeated for every side shoot developing from the main stem so that the plant will resume the shape of a low bush and a few stems suitable for peeling would be available continuously. When the plant is coppiced, a large number of shoots will emerge but only the healthy ones are to be retained and the rest removed. While harvesting, cutting should be done in such a manner that the cut surfaces the inside of the clump.
This prompts tillering. Normally, the harvesting of the mature sticks is done following the two rainy seasons after the new flush of leaves have hardened. At this time the bark peels off easily.
Tamalpatra pdf : Click Here,
The Purpose of teaching post harvesting to students is to enable them to get better value for the products.
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