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About UKSS
It is a common fact today that India has one of the youngest populations in the world where approximately 35.6 crore people are between 10-24 years old. This staggering statistic signifies a huge opportunity and challenge simultaneously. If our country is to prosper, our first objectiveshould be gradually working towards the eradication of poverty. In order for this to be a reality we need to begin at the threshold and initiate at the grass root level by educating the children of our nation, which will equip them with skills for independency. Our nation will only be able to prosper once the youth is fully educated.

In India, Agriculture is the largest provider of livelihood for 58% of the population, especially in rural areas. If the agricultural growth is about 10-11% per annum, then the villages and towns and especially the rural population will be self sufficient and this will give them a better standard of living. This will balance the population influx to the cities also thereby creating excellent employment opportunities for the youth in their hometowns. In India there are several hectares of land under cultivation and plantation, but the people engaged in the activity are not completely trained on scientific methods of farming. Also farmers lack education of soil quality, water management, post harvest technologies, leading them to compromise on their pre & post production yield. The Farmers fall into financial instability and in turn there are cases of loss of valuable human lives.

The Uttan Krushi Sanshodhan Sanstha (UKSS) is a Registered Charitable Trust, established in 1984 and registered in 1985 working in Research, Education, Awareness, Co-operation, Training and Self-reliance (i.e. REACTS), in the field of Agriculture, Irrigation, Organic manures, Production and Processing of vegetables and fruits, by applying traditional/proven as well as modern techniques and methods to improve sustainable qualitative productivity, which ultimately would be beneficial to farmers, students and to entire society. 

The UKSS is a centre of vocational education engaged in Education and Field Training in Agriculture and allied industries such as, Cultivation of crops, vegetables, fruits and other agro-products, Production and Processing of Vegetables and Fruits, Nursery Management, Manufacturing of Organic Manure, Organic farming, Irrigation Methods and Systems, Soil & Water Conservation, Watershed Management etc.

There are countless rural kids who have no access to education due to their social standing and/or financial hardship. An institution that addresses these two issues is KKTN, a polytechnic educational institution under UKSS, affiliated to Dapoli University where students are enrolled into a 3-year Diploma in agricultural technology. Students are educated on sustainable agriculture, rural employment, and environmentally sustainable technologies such as soil management, irrigation management, water management, which are all essential for holistic rural development. Students who have cleared 10th std can join the first year diploma and students who have cleared 12th Std exams can join the 2nd year diploma directly. Under this course the students undergo a 3 year residential course after completion of which they become trained in scientific methods of farming along with practical exposure. 

The success result of the Agriculture polytechnic for all Academic Years is 100%. There is a provision of separate Hostel for Boys and Girls. Special Medical Checkup and medical aid facility is provided within the campus. Our Analysis shows that Numbers of girl-students have outnumbered the boys’ students and this is a great encouragement for the society especially since girls from farmers’ families are taking initiative in agricultural education, which will certainly help them to be self sufficient and to reform the next-generation of farmers. 

The UKSS has also provided the excellent facility of Hostel, Canteen, Library, Indoor/Outdoor Sports & Cultural activities for students.

Upon completion students will have the knowledge to be able to grow at least 36 types of fruit crop, 6 types of leafy vegetables, 16 types of pulses, 7 types of cereal crops, 6 types of oil seeds, 4 types of fiber crops, 2 types of cash crops, 20 types of fodder crops, 23 types of spices & condiments, 26 types of vegetables, 5 types of exotic vegetables. In addition, students will also engage in subjects of nursery plantation, dairy development, drip irrigation, poultry, manure/compost making, and post harvesting techniques.

KKTN is located in Keshavsrushti spread over a staggering 32 acres of land and is equipped with the normal expected facilities of an educational institution, which include separate hostels for boys and girls. KKTN mostly comprises of students from extremely poor backgrounds. Since 2005, students have come from 127 villages in Thane, Palghar, Navi Mumbai, Raigad, Ratnagiri, Sindhudurg, Nandurbar and Dhule District of Maharashtra where 70% of our students have successfully completed the course.

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